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Boy Kills World

Sam Raimi, Boy Kills World the renowned director and producer behind iconic franchises like ‘Evil Dead’, the original ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy, ‘Don’t Breathe’, and ‘The Grudge’, returns with a new project, ‘Boy Kills World’. This time, he steps in as the producer for the directorial debut of German filmmaker Moritz Mohr.

Background and Plot

Boy Kills World

This project began when Raimi watched the initial trailer created by Mohr and stunt coordinator Dawid Szatarski seven years ago. After its premiere at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Lionsgate acquired the rights to release the film this year.

Boy Kills World’ tells the story of Boy (Bill Skarsgård), a deaf and mute young man who harbors a deep-seated grudge after his family was brutally murdered by the Van Der Koy family, a tyrannical clan that rules the city with an iron fist. The family includes Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen), Melanie Van Der Koy (Michelle Dockery), Gideon Van Der Koy (Brett Gelman), and Glenn Van Der Koy (Sharlto Copley).

Boy is trained in various combat techniques by a mysterious shaman (Yayan Ruhian) in the depths of the forest. When the Van Der Koy family organizes ‘The Culling,’ a live broadcast event where they execute their enemies, Boy teams up with resistance members Basho (Andrew Koji) and Benny (Isaiah Mustafa) to exact his revenge.

Unique Visual Style

This film stands out for its unique visual style, blending elements of video games and manga. The use of special effects and innovative editing techniques creates a feeling reminiscent of arcade games. The creativity in designing the fight scenes and the visual presentation distinguishes it from typical action films.

Performance Analysis

Boy Kills World

Bill Skarsgård’s performance as Boy is remarkable. He conveys the character’s emotions and intensity primarily through facial expressions and body language, bringing a vivid and believable portrayal to the screen. Yayan Ruhian also excels in his role as the shaman, combining intense combat skills with strong acting prowess.

Storytelling and Action

In terms of storytelling, the film may initially feel rushed and somewhat disorienting, but by the second and third acts, it finds its rhythm and delivers continuous excitement. The action scenes are particularly thrilling, and the plot twists add depth and intrigue to the narrative.


In conclusion, ‘Boy Kills World’ is a must-watch for action enthusiasts who enjoy combat and revenge themes. With its captivating visuals and stellar performances, this film provides non-stop entertainment and keeps viewers engaged throughout.

Boy Kills World | Official Trailer

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